Cranbourne Road, Gosport

Paul Basham Associates provided Transport Planning works on behalf of Solent Building Supplies for a change of use application from a recycling centre to a builders' merchant.

The Brief

Our team were tasked with providing a Transport Statement to support a change of use application. This report needed to address key concerns with regard to parking, trip generation and highway impact. In order to confirm the scope of the subsequent Transport Statement, pre-application advice was sought from Gosport Borough Council.

Our Approach

Following a visit to site to consider the key constraints and opportunities available, we identified that a pre-application enquiry would be useful to confirm the suitability of the site proposals and the scope of our report, to ensure a smooth consultation process from the highway authority during the subsequent planning application. Following pre-application feedback from Gosport Borough Council's highway officer our Transport Statement particularly focused on parking provision, trip generation and highway impact.

Without Specific parking standards for this proposed use, an unconventional approach was required to calculate the likely parking demand. The TRICS database was consulted for 'parking surveys' of builders' merchant sites. This information was used to calculate an average parking rate per 100sqm, with a further rate calculated per employee, and the parking layout and services/delivery arrangements were agreed on that basis.

Our team assisted in swept path analysis of the internal site arrangement for delivery/servicing vehicles. Whilst the access was suitable to support these vehicles it was necessary to consider how these would interact within the site itself, with a number of layouts considered. Ultimately it was decided that the location of materials on site could be used to provide an informal one-way loop, with a delivery bay.

This pre-application input was followed by a Transport Statement justifying our approach to parking, as well as detailing the site's net trip generation, visibility splays and minimal impact on the junction between South Street and Dock Road, which had recently been improved by Hampshire County Council.

The Result

The local highway authority concurred with Paul Basham Associates analysis and agreed that the proposals would not have a significant impact on the local highway network. The scheme received planning approval in May 2017.

From our client

"The application was approved, our client is happy and so are we."

Niall Tutton
Robert Tutton Town Planning Consultants