Rose Cottage Day Nursery, Pulborough

Paul Basham Associates assisted Genesis Town Planning and a private landowner in submitting a planning application for a change of use of an existing farm shop into a Rose Cottage day nursery, in Pulborough.

The Brief

Our team were approached to provide a Pre-Application Scoping Note and Transport Statement to support an application for a change of development from a Farm Shop to a 56 space Children’s Day Nursery.

Our Approach

This site was a bespoke setting with individual needs, so our approach was tailored to meet the needs of the client and work around their constraints – including the retained office building on site which shares the parking area with the new day-nursery development. Our client also sought to retain green space around the nursey for the benefit of the end users, so parking was provided with specific user types in mind (i.e. long-stay/drop-off) to reduce the amount of land occupied by vehicles to retain this green space. Paul Basham Associates provided tracking evidence to show that the parking provided in the layout could operate safely.

A Transport Statement was also developed to support the planning application, covering the existing conditions, relevant transport policies and the effect of the proposed development on the surrounding area mindful of the linked trip demand from the adjacent A29.

The Result

Following successful and productive preapplication efforts, the site received acceptance planning permission in July 2018.

From The Client

From the outset Genesis identified that this scheme needed careful and thorough handling of all highways matters. The location, sustainability, trip generation and highway safety were all significant factors. We are pleased that by bringing Paul Basham Associates on board and with some great team work, we were able to present the convincing highway data as part of the comprehensive application. We and our clients are delighted with the outcome which will bring an extra childcare facility to this part of the National Park.

Gail Pilkington
Senior Planner
Genesis Town Planning