Bartholomews, Chichester

Family run firm Bartholomews Agrifood is moving the majority of its business from Bognor Road in order to expand and Paul Basham Associates were asked to support an application for residential development to maximise site values and support their move.

The Brief

Our team were approached by the client; Bartholomews Holdings Ltd to provide our full Transport Planning scope of works for Phase 2 of the wider development, which comprised 57 units (a mix of flats and houses).

Our Approach

In the first instance ATCs and turning count surveys were undertaken at a number of roads/junctions within the vicinity of the site, which were used to inform the scope of our assessment.

We were able to identify that a Transport Statement was required to support the application for Phase 2 of the development, which provided information including accessibility, trip generation and details of the internal road layout including an Extent of Adoption plans, internal visibility splays and tracking diagrams.

We were also able to agree with the Local Highway Authority that no junction assessment/ mitigation works were required at the surrounding junctions based on WSCC’s guidance for Transport Assessments.

As the site comprises between 50 and 80 units a Travel Plan Statement was also required to support Phase 2 of the application. The Travel Plan Statement identified a number of measures which could be implemented to encourage travel by sustainable modes, as well as an implementation and monitoring strategy for the plan.

The Result

The application was permitted in September 2015, and Paul Basham Associates look forward to seeing the redevelopment of the site.