Ringwood Police Station

Following the closure of the Ringwood Police Station in 2012, Williams Lester Architects approached Paul Basham Associates on behalf of Pathway Construction to assist in the highway works related to redeveloping the site to provide 9 new homes.

The Blurb

Paul Basham Associates provided pre-application advice and a Transport Statement to support a full planning application for the development of 9 houses at the former Ringwood Police Station, Ringwood.

Our Approach

Through the pre-app and application process, our team liaised with Hampshire County Council’s highways officers to ensure any issues were picked up in a timely manner. At the pre-application stage, it became clear that servicing on site was not possible and we therefore liaised with the highways officer to gauge the acceptability of servicing from Christchurch Road. 

The existing site had two vehicle accesses; with the new site plans restricting one of these to allow pedestrian access only, and the other redesigned to better accommodate the development in line with our advice. 

A Transport Statement was then prepared to support the application and was successful in demonstrating that the proposed residential development would result in a reduction in trips when compared to the former Police Station.  

Despite concerns from the Waste Officer regarding bin carrying distance guidelines, Paul Basham Associates provided evidence within the Transport Statement that the site could be adequately serviced, with the addition of bin stores to the front of the site. The Transport Statement also helped to inform the suitable height for a desired under croft to the rear properties. 

A highways letter was produced to respond to concerns raised by the highways and waste officers in reference to the Personal Injury Accident data, parking layout and cycle storage and waste collection. Box van tracking was undertaken to demonstrate that this size vehicle could enter and exit the site in a forward gear to alleviate concerns by the planning officer.

The Result

Following negotiations with New Forest District Council the scheme gained consent in August 2018, and we look forward to seeing the development built.