Rock Lane, Hastings

Paul Basham Associates provided Transport Planning, Highway Design and Civil Engineering support through the pre-application and planning application stages for a 26 unit development in North Hastings.

The Brief

Our team were initially approached by Savills on behalf of the client, to design the site access and seek approval in principle at an early stage to ensure feasibility of the site. We were then kept on by the client for the entirety of the project, and were tasked with both the Transport Planning and Civil Engineering works.

Our Approach

We were initially approached by Savills on behalf of the client, which involved an initial access appraisal, including indicative access designs and tracking for large vehicles.

Following this, the Transport Planning team undertook pre-application support and further access designs including a proposed stretch of footway and pedestrian crossing, and required the identification of the required extent of the hedgerow to be cut back in order to achieve the required visibility splays.

With the access agreed in principle with the Local Highway Authority through pre-application discussions, our transport team prepared a Transport Statement to support the full application. The Transport Statement provided details of site accessibility, local and national policy guidance and details of the proposed development, including the site access and internal layout.

The site was designated by the Environment Agency as being within Flood Zone 1 (and therefore at minimal chance of flooding from river or tidal sources in any given year) and smaller than 1 hectare, and therefore did not require a Flood Risk Assessment. Our Civil Engineering team therefore prepared a Drainage Technical Note, which provided details of potential sources of flooding, and the subsequent drainage strategy required to prevent such flooding occurring.

Paul Basham Associates continued to liaise with the highways officer throughout the course of the application, and received comments, for which an Addendum Transport Statement was provided (including additional modelling of surrounding junctions).  Our team also worked with the wider project team to maximise opportunities to travel by sustainable modes, including a pedestrian cycle access on a perpendicular road, and adjoining and upgrading a Public Footpath running through the site.

The off-site highway works required a Section 278 submission package, which was prepared by our Highway Design & Civil Engineering team. The package included engineering drawings and cross sections demonstrating the proposed bellmouth access, footway works and crossing point, as well as setting out drawings and an estimate of construction costs. All designs were checked by a Road Safety Auditor, who found no issues with the proposals. Section 278 approval was granted by East Sussex in January 2017.

The Result

With full planning permission granted in 2016, we are hard at work undertaking the Section 38 and detailed drainage strategy to discharge key conditions and allow construction to commence on site.

The access to the field on which the development was sited was removed as part of the planning application to accommodate the residential access. In order to gain access to the remaining fields (which were not to be developed), a second application was made to move the field gate itself. Paul Basham Associates acted as the agent, and secured this consent for Armon Developments. 

Having secured Section 278 approval, we will continue to provide support through the implementation of the design works.