The Crows Nest, Bursledon

After the Crows Nest Public House (which had been the subject of paranormal investigations) closed in 2011, Paul Basham Associates were drafted in to help secure planning permission for the redevelopment of the site to 7 dwellings.

The Brief

When the pub closed after over 100 years of trading, our team were approached by Orchard Homes to provide the required highway works for a bespoke residential scheme at the site.

Our Approach

Following liaison with Eastleigh Borough Council highways officers, Paul Basham Associates prepared a tailored Transport Note to respond to the points that the highway officer wished to be addressed.

The Transport Note therefore included details of multimodal trip rates (comparing the former pub with the proposed dwellings), the site access proposals (to stop up the Oak Hill Close access and retain the Dodwell Lane access) and refuse servicing arrangements.

We also provided input into the site layout, which was constrained by the retention of 5 large trees on site and resulted in the careful design of internal roads and parking areas.

The Result

Once the application had been approved, our team kept in touch with the site and recently visited to see the finished result.

From our client

According to our client, the positive feedback from councillors at the planning committee was, “a great endorsement of the patient approach we have taken on the site and many thanks for all your help with this project".

Mark Sennitt
Planning Director
Orchard Homes