High Street, Hadleigh

Paul Basham Associates provided Transport Planning support on behalf of McCarthy & Stone to assess highway constraints and opportunities for the development of 30 residential units, 35 retirement living units and 120sqm of retail.

The Brief

Paul Basham Associates were tasked to undertake pre-application liaison with the local highway authority on the proposals, in particular considering means of access.  The results of this discussion fed into the Transport Statement in support of a full planning application.

Our Approach

Firstly, our team provided pre-application feedback for the site outlining the potential highway constraints and opportunities including the need for a Traffic Regulation Order in order to achieve appropriate visibility splays and remove any concerns of overspill parking on the High Street.

We then prepared a Transport Statement which focused on site access, parking provision and trip generation.  A trip generation assessment was undertaken for each of the three uses on site to calculate the anticipated level of traffic generated by the site as a whole when compared to consented use on the site. This demonstrated that the proposals would have a negligible impact on the operation of the local highway network.  As the development was aimed predominantly at residents 60 and over our team used data from other McCarthy & Stone sites to justify the proposed level of parking provision on site.

Paul Basham Associates arguments were mostly agreed by highways officers however, concerns were raised over pedestrian visibility. In response to this feedback our team redesigned the access proposals to include smaller radii with associated footway widening on the High Street. Paul Basham Associate argued that these amendments at the access would improve pedestrian visibility and provide a safe access for all road users.

The Result

Paul Basham Associates overcame the concerns raised by highway officers and the development received recommendation for approval at planning committee in February 2017.