Church Paddock Fishery, Headbourne Worthy

Paul Basham Associates provided highways and civil engineering support for the provision of a new customer access onto Bedfield Lane, Headbourne Worthy. With a number of constraints to the access, Paul Basham Associates designed an access that would be suitable from a highways perspective whilst respecting the rural setting by minimising the amount of surfaced area, tree loss and neighbour amenity impact.

The Brief

On the back on a number of successful schemes with Southern Planning Practice, Paul Basham Associates were approached to assist with designing the new access. The current fishery access is shared with a pumping station and is hard to spot for customers, as well as causing operational issues for the fishery when pumping station vehicles blocking the access. Our client sought to provide a new customer access onto Bedfield Lane to provide an attractive and visible entrance.

Our Approach

Working closely with Southern Planning Practice and the client, Paul Basham Associates undertook a site visit with the project team identify the opportunities and constraints for the proposed access. A traffic survey was undertaken to ensure that the achievable visibility splays reflected the traffic conditions.

With the site falling in a strategic gap and being environmentally sensitive, the access geometries minimized the amount of hard paving by providing a single lane working access with passing places.

An application was submitted in November 2017. Whilst the highway authority initially raised concerns regarding the planning principle and need for a new access at the same time as retaining the existing access for service vehicle use, through dialogue with the highway authority a compromise was reached enabling a positive outcome for all parties including the retention of the existing access. A slight redesign in the access allowed for a refuse vehicle to utilise the existing access should it be necessary, resulting in no objection from the highway authority.

Paul Basham Associates attended the planning committee to reassure committee members of the highway implications of the proposals and answer committee questions, helping to secure a planning permission.

When the development received planning permission, Paul Basham Associates then assisted with finalising the access road design and taking the new access over the footway through Hampshire County Council’s Section 184 application process. For this, we used the previously agreed access and finalised the surface finish, dimensions, alignment and earthworks. We then undertook a detailed design of the dropped crossing and through dialogue with HCC we obtained approval ready for construction.

The Result

The development is now ready for construction, and Paul Basham Associates have provided some advice to the client for the Section 171 license required by their contractors.