Poole Park, Poole

Paul Basham Associates provided Transport Planning and Civil Engineering support on behalf of the Borough of Poole (BoP) to provide a feasibility report and highway advice & design for the regeneration of the Poole Park.

The Brief

A successful multi-disciplined feasibility assessment was carried out in 2016 for the Poole Park regeneration scheme, which is a popular leisure destination comprising of a boating lake with boat renting facilities, recreational grassland, a land train, a miniature railway and restaurant facilities. The park also accommodates approximately 200 parking spaces across three car parks and a formal on-street parking provision on the through route between Kingsland Road and Parkstone Road.

Working closely with Indigo Landscape Architects, our team were tasked with providing a feasibility report and highway advice & design to help inform stakeholder discussions and ultimately aim to secure funding for the scheme.

Our Approach

A key ambition of BoP was to better manage vehicle access across the park, discouraging 'rat running' traffic but retaining access for early morning traders.

Five case study parks (including four London Royal parks) were considered by our Transport Planning team within the feasibility report. The principle of four approaches to reducing ‘rat running’ through the park and increasing early morning trading were considered, with examples of where similar techniques had previously been used in the UK. Several traffic management solutions were considered and Paul Basham Associates presented the following four proposed options:

  • Increased opening times /Relocating the closure
  • Stopping up to through traffic
  • Shared Surface
  • Traffic Calming

Our assessment identified the most effective method of reducing rat running trips, whilst also creating an attractive pedestrian environment and working with Indigo’s plans for an enhanced landscape and user experience. It was considered that a combination of the options would represent a more cost effective and ‘low key’ solution and could be considered a compromise between removal of ‘rat running’ traffic and encouraging early morning trading. We also provided early input into the primary design of the scheme and promoting access by non-car modes.

Our Civil Engineering team also assisted in providing highways design proposals for the regeneration of the Poole Park, through dialogue with the BoP highway officers to agree the scope of works required that would sufficiently demonstrate that proposals would not be detrimental to public highway safety.

The assessment involved instructing Road Safety Audits and carrying out a condition survey of the existing highway & pedestrian facilities currently in place. Paul Basham Associates provided extensive recommendations detailing proposed road construction make-up, alignments, surface finishes and pedestrian facilities (raised tactile, crossing points, etc.).

The Result

BoP are happy with the works carried out by Paul Basham Associates, as it has allowed the scheme to be brought to a point where funding could be secured. Our team prepared a well-considered and cost-efficient solution, ensuring the client’s brief was met without a detrimental impact on highway safety.

From our client

Paul Basham Associates have assisted the project well and brought forward high quality drawings and advice that have allowed us to successfully engage with the public, prepare an application to the Heritage Lottery Fund and for a Planning Application. Paul Basham Associates were always happy to revise and modify drawings and provide informed advice when required. There was also a good understanding and relationship across the various organisations involved in the design work meaning we would be pleased to work with Paul Basham Associates again in the future.

Martin Whitchurch
Poole Park Life Project Manager
Borough of Poole