Stokewood Leisure Centre, Bournemouth

Paul Basham Associates were tasked with undertaking transport works to aid an application for an extension at Stokewood Leisure Centre, Bournemouth.

The brief

Rund Partnership came direct to Paul Basham Associates to provide information to satisfy planning requirements at the leisure centre, and in particular to solve concerns relating to parking pressure at peak times, especially due to the residential nature of the surrounding area. Responding to comments by the Local Highway Authority parking surveys were completed to demonstrate existing demand, and a Travel Plan provided and implemented following the expansion.

Our approach

Parking surveys were carried out in order to understand the parking demand for the current site. A Technical Note was then provided to the highway authority which demonstrated the existing demand, as well as the potential increase in demand when accounting for additional staff/ centre members when the expansion was fully operational.

A Staff Travel Plan was written in order to promote sustainable modes of transport within the vicinity of the leisure centre, aiming to reduce the number of single occupancy private car trips generated by staff. This would therefore enable more spaces to be used by members and visitors to the centre.

The Travel Plan is to be implemented by staff at the leisure centre, however Paul Basham Associates involvement will continue in terms of surveys and monitoring, as well as annual progress reports and meetings with Bournemouth Borough Council.

The result

The extension was granted approval in July 2016 and we are looking forward to working with the in-house Travel Plan Co-Ordinator over the coming years.

From our client

I cannot stress how helpful you have all been!!

Lucy Hockney
Senior Surveyor
Rund Partnership Limited