Bridge Farm, Coolham

Paul Basham Associates supported the planning application for the redevelopment of an existing haulage yard to include the replacement of existing buildings for storage and office purposes, resurfacing and expansion of yard area for the parking of distribution vehicles and alterations to the existing access 

The Brief

Paul Basham Associates were approached by Appleton Town Planning to undertake a site visit and subsequently produce a Transport Statement to support the redevelopment of the existing haulage yard.  A supporting Flood Risk Assessment and Drainage Strategy were also required.   

Our Approach

A site visit was carried out to understand the existing conditions of the site and surrounding area which later informed the highway report and flood risk assessment 

A Transport Statement was produced which included details associated with accessibility, existing conditions of the site, access and parking arrangements.  The site is located in close proximity to the A272 and A24 which are both West Sussex advisory lorry routes and it was important for the Transport Statement to properly assess the modest increase in trips using a first principles approach to give an accurate reflection of how the site will operate and avoid use of inappropriate roads, as well as ensuring the access was appropriate in terms of geometries and visibility to accommodate the increase in HGV’s. 

The drainage strategy for the site is required to deal with the increased surface water run off as a result of the incorporation of additional impermeable area as part of the development. The proposals are to attenuate within a crate system under the main parking/manoeuvring area and discharge into the existing watercourse at the southern boundary of the site at reduced greenfield runoff rates. Due to the use of the site and potential for contamination, two-stages of filtration were proposed comprising of a vortex separator and a filtration unit upstream of the crates. This level of filtration was required to meet the appropriate water quality mitigation indices. 

As the Flood Risk Assessment identified that the site was partially within Flood Zone 3 (based on its proximity to the watercourse running along the southern boundary), the crate units were proposed to be located within the part of the site located in FZ1.  This is to ensure that in the event of a flood the storage facility of the crates is not compromised.  

The Result

Horsham District Council and West Sussex County Council were both satisfied with the proposals and the scheme subsequently received planning permission in August 2019.