Grange Road, Christchurch

Paul Basham Associates provided transport planning support to Pure Town Planning and the Birchmere Group, helping to secure planning permission for a mixed use development of 2740m2 of light industrial use and 14 dwellings on brownfield land at Grange Road, Christchurch.

The Brief

Paul Basham Associates were tasked with providing a highways review of the former Seward Renault car garage on Grange Road against the mixed use scheme, considering net traffic impact (associated transport contributions) and the parking and servicing needs of the proposed development. All the while, maximising the potential opportunities and benefits presented by the brownfield nature of the site.

Our Approach

To support the full planning application our team completed a Technical Note that succinctly and successfully demonstrated the employment and residential development proposals would result in a net reduction in trips being generated by the development, negating the need for highways contribution to be paid.

The Technical Note assessed parking needs across the two land uses against local parking standards and considered the site accessibility when presenting an appropriate parking ratio. Our report was supported by vehicle swept path analysis for several goods vehicles (given the mixed use nature of the site) and refuse vehicles, to demonstrate that safe and convenient turning of HGVs could be achieved within the site.

The Result

The development proposals were granted full planning permission at Christmas 2013, with construction of the employment units and residential properties wrapping up in 2016.