Yeomans Peugeot Garage, Worthing

Approached by HNW Architects on behalf of Yeomans Ltd, Paul Basham Associates provided transport planning work to support an application for the expansion of the existing operation in Worthing.

The Brief

With the site currently providing a Peugeot dealership, Paul Basham Associates were tasked with providing highways advice to support the expansion of the site to provide additional dealership and workshop space for a new Honda garage as well as providing facilities for the siting of a new Head Office.

Our Approach

Paul Basham Associates initially undertook a site visit to understand the opportunities and constraints associated with the site, with a particular focus on the access arrangements from the A259. Upon completion of the site visit, an assessment of the site history proved invaluable in identifying opportunities to widen Hangleton Lane to assist vehicle tracking to the rear compound.

A Transport Statement (TS) was then prepared which provided a robust parking assessment, comparing the existing level of car parking in relation to the existing floor areas, and the proposed increase in car parking spaces to the increase in floor area. A robust argument was made which demonstrated that despite the increase in floor area a proportionate level of parking was maintained to the satisfaction of West Sussex County Council highways. The TS also provided a detailed trip generation section which utilised the existing staff data and applied proportionate percentage increases across the floorspace uses. Ultimately, a successful argument was provided that demonstrated the proposal would not have a severe impact on the operation of the A259.

The Result

The site received approval in August 2018 and the client has already come back to Paul Basham Associates to prepare a Delivery and Servicing Strategy relating to discharge of condition. We are delighted the scheme received approval and look forward to supporting the development further and seeing the extensions built.