South Lodge Hotel, Lower Beeding

A new spa facility and 6 Eco-Lodge accommodation ‘pods’ have been approved in the grounds of the five star South Lodge Hotel, Lower Beeding.


Paul Basham Associates were approached by Felce & Guy Partnership to support a planning application for new facilities at the South Lodge Hotel; a five star former country house on the outskirts of Horsham, set within a 93 acre estate.


Being a historically important site, careful attention had to be made to ensure that the proposals would not result in a ‘severe’ impact on the grounds or the local highway network.

Our transport team produced a Transport Assessment, Travel Plan and Flood Risk Assessment to support the application, which were supported by a number of traffic surveys, as well as detailed trip generation information and sustainable transport choices for staff and guests.

The Flood Risk Assessment successfully demonstrated that there was a low risk of flooring at the site and that the proposals would not have any impact on adjacent sites or the local area.

The highway officer comments were positive in nature, however required more information on the exact routing requirements for drivers to enter and exit the site given the one-way nature. PBA prepared a further drawing, which demonstrated the signage in place to aid drivers at the site entrance and exit.


The application received no objection, subject to additional signage being provided at the site exit. Having been intrigued by the Eco-Lodge ‘pods’, Paul Basham Associates look forward to visiting the site to see the end result!