Havant Road, Emsworth

Paul Basham Associates helped Barratt Homes to achieve full consent for a 161 unit scheme between Havant and Emsworth, including mitigation works at the A27 dumbbell roundabout and on the A259.

The Brief

With the site having a long history, our team were brought on board in 2015 to ensure that the highway elements of the development were fully assessed, as the site fronts onto the busy A259 (Havant Road) and lies adjacent to the A27. We were tasked with taking the site through the planning application process and have since been commissioned to continue our involvement on the Section 278 submission.

Our Approach

Pre-application discussions with Highways England and Hampshire County Council identified some potential issues with the site from a highways perspective. The Transport Assessment which was then submitted as part of the application provided a full assessment of the development proposal's impact on the local road network, including at a number of key junctions within Havant and Emsworth.

Due to the busy nature of the A259 in rush hour periods, an access needed to be designed to not only cater for the development traffic without unacceptably impacting upon Havant Road, but also to try alleviate some of the existing issues at peak times both along Havant Road and at neighbouring junctions. 

As a result and further to ongoing liaison with Highways England (HE), Hampshire County Council (HCC) and Havant Borough Council (HBC), our team designed a signalised junction with additional toucan crossing arrangement which will ensure that the free-flow of traffic is retained as much as possible by way of smart detector loops on each arm, whilst allowing ease of movement at the neighbouring junction and also catering for pedestrian access to the bus stop and cycle movements, which is seen as a safety improvement over the existing situation. 

In addition to designing up the access, we also aided Barratt Homes with the mitigation works at the A27 dumbbell roundabouts, which included white lining changes and lane assignment to increase capacity and mitigate the development impact. 

A Travel Plan was required to support the application. Using our vast knowledge of Travel Plans and Travel Plan Coordination in Hampshire, Paul Basham Associates were able to produce a Travel Plan which will cater to the individual needs of site users, whilst being an attractive and collaborative addition to the existing Travel Plans in the area (including the local Emsworth Primary School).

The Result

With a unanimous approval of all members at committee (which our team attended and represented the site alongside Barratts) both Paul Basham Associates and Barratts were extremely pleased with the result, with Barratts feeding back, 'Thanks for all your hard work on this one! Brilliant result.'

Having been involved in the access design and mitigation design at the A27 dumbbell roundabouts, Paul Basham Associates continue their support of this scheme with the detailed design and Section 278 submission of the off-site and access works. 

We look forward to seeing it through to build and occupation, where we will be first to go along and test the new junction!