Kennel Farm, Basingstoke

Paul Basham Associates provided Reserve Matters planning support for the erection of 310 dwellings at Kennel Farm, Basingstoke.

The Brief

Our planning team were approached to provide Transport Planning support for a reserved matters planning application. Through local authority experience of the outline planning application, we were tasked with completing a Reserved Matters Transport Assessment.

Our approach

Initially our team undertook a site appraisal to inform the development of the site layout, minimising abortive works. Through vehicle swept path analysis and a parking assessment, we ensured the proposals would adhere to stringent standards at Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council.

Our planning team completed a Reserved Matters Transport Assessment to support the planning application. Demonstrating the suitability of the proposals in terms of parking provision, highway design, inter-visibility splays, we succeeded in ensuring a positive recommendation was provided the highways officer through both the RMTA and a subsequent addendum critique of the highway officer’s response.

The Result

With a positive recommendation from highway officers, Reserved Matters planning permission was granted in 2015. Impressing client Linden Homes with their performance, Paul Basham Associates has since provided further transport planning and civil engineering work in Hampshire.