Yew Tree Farm, Southampton

Paul Basham Associates were appointed by Oceanic Estates to provide detailed drainage design, highway alignment, site levels and a ground investigation for Yew Tree Farm; a project that involved the conservation and refurbishment of an existing farmhouse and the addition of three new self-detained, detached office blocks.

The Brief

Paul Basham Associates had previously been involved with various packages of work on Oceanic Estates’ Adanac Park project prior to the commencement of Yew Tree Farm, including both planning and civil engineering elements.

For Yew Tree Farm we were tasked to complete the drainage and levels work required to discharge two planning conditions. We were also asked to organise and commission a full ground investigation package.

Our Approach

Planning condition 12 required us to first provide an Outline strategy for the foul and storm drainage for the whole site, followed by a full Detailed design package. The surface water drainage proposals included attenuating with SuDS components including basins, swales and permeable paving, prior to discharging at a limited rate into an existing watercourse at the south boundary of the site. The swales and attenuation basins had the triple benefit of not only providing attenuation and improving water quality, but also providing aesthetic advantages as Oceanic Estates requested that the aesthetic of the site was to be rural and lively. We submitted the drainage proposals to the appropriate authorities for approval.

Planning condition 14 required us to provide detailed levels design for the full site; including the road longitudinal design, finished floor levels, site levels and gradients. We had to factor in some very specific issues during the levels design process such as root protection zones solutions (i.e. no-dig overlays) and ensuring an existing badger run was avoided.

During our work we also commissioned a full ground investigation package and proceeded to organise the work and attend site.

The Result

After liaison with Southern Water, Test Valley Borough Council and Oceanic Estates the drainage and levels design were completed to a standard that was satisfactory for all parties, and therefore, the conditions were met and discharged by the council. Oceanic Estates have since begun the construction phase for Yew Tree Farm and are looking to complete the works in the near future.