119-122 High Street, Southampton

Approached by Lainston Securities to help develop a derelict office building, job centre and snooker club, Paul Basham Associates provided comprehensive transport planning and travel planning works to assist in its regeneration, helping to provide 188 student accommodation units and 4 small retail units in this prime High Street location.

The Brief

Tasked with providing a range of services, Paul Basham Associates were delighted to be involved in this scheme which helped to showcase some of the additional skills we possess. With a similar scheme approved nearby, our knowledge and experience of not only working on student accommodation schemes but also within the city centre itself proved invaluable in ensuring this scheme got planning approval.

Our Approach

Involved from the outset, we were able to provide input into the development of the site layout and ensure that the pre-application comments were implemented suitably. 

A Transport Statement was produced to support the application, which provided details of the existing local conditions which would help to encourage a sustainable development whilst also providing evidence that the lack of car parking would not be at the detriment to the surrounding road network and an appropriate quantum of cycle parking provision is provided. The Transport Statement also provided detailed delivery and servicing arrangements which involved the relocation of existing car parking bays along High Street. Due to the outline of the proposed building, additional spaces along Castle Way also required relocating and resulted in the change of a row of parallel bays to echelon bays.

A Travel Plan was also prepared to support the application, which focused mainly on future students who would be coming into the city from all over the country. A series of measures were identified as necessary to help promote the extensive sustainable travel opportunities in the area, which would be publicised to students via a noticeboard and within a student induction pack.

The Waste Management Plan was a requirement set out at the pre-application stage and detailed the methods of storage and waste collection for the site. Applying both local guidance to the provision agreed at similar schemes within the city, a suitable argument and methodology was provided to ensure the proposals were acceptable.

Given the proposed arrangement of the site, a Stopping Up Order (Section 247) was required prior to commencement of the site. A plan was prepared showing the extent of the areas to be stopped up including along High Street, the service yard to the rear of the building and existing parking bays along Castle Way (which were relocated). Direct liaison has been undertaken with the Department for Transport throughout the process of the order.

The Result

The application was unanimously approved at committee in November 2018, with no objection from Southampton City Council. With the Stopping Up Order now finalised, we look forward to seeing this scheme develop and provide a much-needed regeneration of the area.