Barfoots Of Botley, Pagham

When this large fresh food and horticultural business required a new packaging, preparation and distribution building to facilitate their growth in the marketplace, Paul Basham Associates were on-hand to help resolve the highway concerns associated with the site.

The Brief

Whilst Paul Basham Associates were not initially involved with the transport works associated with the application, we were approached by the client to help overcome a stalemate situation, with West Sussex County Council (WSCC) highways concerns needing to be addressed in a realistic and achievable manner for the client.

Our extensive local knowledge (including staff who have previously worked alongside the highway officers at WSCC) was required to ensure that the application’s approval was not held up, enabling the business to grow in an efficient manner.

Our Approach

Immediately upon appointment we made contact with WSCC’s highway officers to understand their concerns. Negotiating an extension of time, an arrangement was agreed whereby particular information was to be provided, which had not formerly been undertaken as part of the application. This work included further details of parking, pedestrian access visibility, bus stop improvements and traffic impact.

To ensure that the site was not held up, Paul Basham Associates efficiently pulled together this information and through on-going discussions with WSCC highway officers which cumulated in a meeting to sweep up any remaining points, the stalemate was broken an all parties were satisfied with the tabled solutions.

The Result

Ultimately, Paul Basham Associates were able to alleviate all potential concerns and the application was approved in July 2017.

From our client

Paul Basham Associates was contacted well into the determination period for a major commercial planning application where a traffic and highway safety had emerged as the single issue of contention. The scale of proposed development was significant in floor area terms (over 7,000 sq.m.), whilst it had been argued that in traffic terms little addition movements would arise as the proposals did not materially add to output, only the value of finished products. Arguing this point on a development of this scale is challenging and prior to Paul Basham Associates instruction the Highway Authority was not convinced. Upon Instruction Paul Basham Associates provided a pragmatic and analytical approach, and devised a series of cost effective and workable mitigation measures. As a result of this input the application was subsequently approved and it is quite clear that had Paul Basham Associates been appointed from the outset, the application would have been determined in a significantly shorter timeframe. This site in question will be subject to further planning submission and the applicants Barfoots of Botley would not hesitate to use Paul Basham Associates again.

Richard Goodall
Advoco Planning