Compass Point, Southampton

Paul Basham Associates are providing the Travel Plan Coordination works for this 193 dwelling scheme in Southampton, and are currently in Year 2 of 5 years.

The Brief

The Compass Point development provides 193 residential dwellings and is located 3 miles away from the centre of Southampton. In accordance with Section 106 Agreement, Taylor Wimpey must fulfil Travel Plan Coordination works for five years in line with the approved Travel Plan. Paul Basham Associates have taken on this role and now act as the Travel Plan Coordinators for the site.

Our approach

Initially we had to secure vouchers for the residents, which consist of a £50 cycle voucher for a local cycle shop and a month’s bus pass for a local bus company. Our team have regular contact with the residents which began with the Travel Plan Welcome Pack and now continues with regular newsletters. We also have to complete annual surveys of the site to assess how residents travel to and from the site, whilst providing an annual update to Southampton City Council.

Paul Basham Associates also attend local travel events such as Southampton Travel Planners Forums and My Journey’s annual conference to ensure they are up to date on travel issues in the local area.

The Result

We have successfully signed off the preliminary works and Year 1 works with Southampton City Council and are now in the 2nd Year, with the project due to be completed in January 2020.