Staff Accommodation at John Radcliffe and Churchill Hospitals, Oxford

Paul Basham Associates assisted A2 Dominion South with two separate planning applications for 125 units and 19 cluster units for keyworker accommodation at the John Radcliffe and Churchill Hospitals in Oxford respectively. 

The Brief

A2 Dominion instructed us to assist with the highways works required for planning applications for both sites. The keyworker accommodation would not only increase housing supply for employees of the Oxford Hospitals but also reduce the need to travel by private car considering the proximity of the accommodation to the hospitals and therefore contribute towards reduced congestion and pollution in Oxford. The John Radcliffe site will be accessed via Osler Road and the Churchill site will be accessed via Churchill Drive. As part of both applications, we provided layout advice including tracking and visibility splay assessment as well as offer arguments in support of a reduced parking provision which would later be utilised within our subsequent reports.    

Our Approach

The site visit was completed in September 2017 and we also attended Project Team Meetings from the beginning and throughout the process to ensure that the required work was on track to be completed as well as attend a Public Consultation in order to address any residents’ concerns. 

At an early stage, we also provided layout advice which was fed back to the project team to allow us to complete the Transport Statements for both sites, as well as extensive liaison with (OCC) on the design of the cycle parking. A reduction in car parking provision was justified given the Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) surrounding both sites and parking controls on the Hospital sites.  In addition, given the sustainable location of the sites and that hospital staff would live in close proximity to where they work this would reduce the need to own a car. 

The Result

Paul Basham Associates were delighted to hear that following planning committee both schemes were given resolution to grant, and we look forward to seeing this important accommodation being delivered.