Botley Mills, Botley

Working with a local business based in Botley, Paul Basham Associates were pleased to assist Botley Mills with the planning application for an extension to their existing car park to help better for tenants, staff and visitors.

The Brief

Paul Basham Associates were asked to provide transport planning assistance for a 36 space extension to the existing car park at Botley Mills, Botley. The site supports over 40 separate and individual commercial units including a restaurant, pet and livestock shop, professional bakery, dog groomers and bridal shop. The site previously had around 60 formal parking spaces for use by all units but staff and customers were struggling to park on site.

Our Approach

In the first instance we were involved in pre-application discussions with Eastleigh Borough Council to help determine the scope of works required. We also conducted a site visit early on to appreciate the likely highway opportunities and constraints and in particular understand how the existing car park operated.

In order to understand the existing parking situation two parking surveys were completed during weekdays to monitor the level of formal and informal parking. This parking accumulation assessment helped inform the site layout and determine the level of parking needed to support the commercial area during peak times.

Once the parking numbers were identified, the Transport Statement we prepared detailed the likely highway impact resulting from the increased number of spaces which included traffic surveys of the local road network.

The Transport Statement concluded that the proposed 36 space expansion would be sufficient to address existing concerns on-site whilst also not resulting in a severe impact upon the operation of the local road network.

The Result

With consent granted and permission implemented, we recently stopped by to see how the new car park operates. The site appears less constrained and car dominated whilst allowing staff and customers to park as necessary. A fantastic result all round and great to be involved in supporting a local business thrive.