Sipson Garden Centre, Sipson

Paul Basham Associates were pleased to assist our client and project team with the redevelopment of the Former Garden Centre in Sipson. Various potential layout options were reviewed before a scheme for a modern garden centre with café, farm shop and gift centre was approved.  

The Brief

Paul Basham Associates were initially tasked with the preparation of Transport Statement to support a full application for the redevelopment of the site. The proposals sought permission for a new complex comprising a modern garden centre, café, farm shop, gift-centre and on-site aquarium.

Our Approach

With the existing access to be retained we began our works with a visit to the site, allowing us to better understand the operation of the local road network and assess the accessibility of the site. Following this, we then undertook a review of the site layout, providing initial advice on the geometries, parking provision, and the manoeuvring space available for delivery vehicles. Upon receipt of an effective layout we prepared our Transport Statement including an assessment of net trip generation taking into account the change in GFA of the new garden centre in comparison to the former use. 

Initially, 95 car parking spaces were provided as part of the scheme in accordance with the current London Plan. However, following comments from the GLA, a revised scheme was submitted with a reduced parking provision to accord with the draft standards. Paul Basham Associates also prepared a Travel Plan at this stage to help facilitate the creation of a sustainable retail development, particularly important given the sites’ location in an Air Quality Management Area. 

Following the submission of the revised application proposals, London Borough of Hillingdon then responded and requested that parking be provided in accordance with Hillingdon’s New Local Plan which adopted the same standards as the current London Plan and was complied with in the original scheme. Paul Basham Associates were therefore required to produce a Parking Technical Note to agree a reasonable quantum of parking taking into account the site’s specifics and the conflicting requests by the two statutory bodies. 

The Result

Having successfully overcome parking concerns and agreeing on an appropriate level of parking provision, we are delighted to hear that the site received consent in June 2020 and we look forward to seeing the redevelopment of the site in the future.