Catherine Court, Leigh Road, Eastleigh

Now co-ordinating the Travel Plan Co-Ordination works at this retirement housing, affordable housing and convenience store development, Paul Basham Associates have worked alongside McCarthy & Stone throughout this project in the centre of Eastleigh.


Originally approached in 2011, Paul Basham Associates were asked by McCarthy & Stone to provide the necessary Transport Planning works to support their development, which involved both Pre and Post Planning works including a Travel Plan, Travel Plan Co-Ordination and the Section 278 design for the zebra crossing, accesses and new footway/ cycleway.


In the first instance, our team produced a Travel Plan which detailed potential measures to support both the retirement housing and the convenience store aspects of the site. Paul Basham Associates had to ensure, through close liaison with Eastleigh Borough Council, that each of the measures were sufficiently tailored to each part of the site, as both have very different needs and their own opportunities and constraints.

A full detailed design was provided for the implementation of a zebra crossing outside the site, new raised table accesses and footway/ cycleway through the site, which were requirements by Eastleigh Borough Council.

Meetings were undertaken throughout the process with Hampshire County Council and Eastleigh Borough Council, where agreements were made to make the process run more efficiently, both in relation to the Travel Plan, traffic survey requirements and the Section 278 staging process.


The zebra crossing and footway/ cycleway have been implemented and is well used, whilst Paul Basham Associates continue to work alongside residents at the McCarthy & Stone development and staff and visitors at the Co-Op in order to implement the measures outlined in the Travel Plan.