Corhampton Golf Club

Paul Basham Associates assisted Corhampton Golf Club with the creation of new vehicular access arrangement to improve the safety and operation of the local road network by creating a separate in/out along with design improvements to the car park.

The Brief

Concerns were raised by Corhampton Golf Club over the safety of the existing access arrangement, with concerns expressed that it was only a matter of time before a serious accident occurred due to conflict between road users at the site access/car park entrance and along Shepherds Farm Lane. A number of near misses within the car park and the access road were recorded and this has prompted the Golf Club to look at addressing the issue by approaching Paul Basham Associates to prepare proposals for an in/out access arrangement to support the submission of a full planning application.

Our Approach

In the first instance, a site visit and initial meeting was held at the Golf Club to assess the existing conditions and to discuss different options to identify the best way forward. It was agreed that a separate in/out access arrangement would be the most suitable to address all the highway concerns. Initial pre-application discussions subsequently followed with Winchester City Council as well as the South Downs National Park authority to gauge opinion on whether a change to the existing access would be acceptable from a highways perspective. To support these pre-applications discussions, a Technical Note was produced, outlining the concerns with regards to the existing conditions at the Golf Club access whilst also suggesting a formalised redesign with a proposed in/out access and echelon parking arrangement internally. These were demonstrated on design drawings submitted as part of the pre-app.

Further information was requested from the Local Authority in terms of the operation and enforcement of the proposed in/out arrangement, and so along with further detailed drawings a revised Technical Note and additional drawings were then submitted as part of a formal planning application.

The Result

Planning permission was granted in April 2018, resulting in a positive outcome for the golf club and all members. The highways response stated that ‘the proposal will improve the way the car park operates in so much as the existing space is limited and manoeuvring within the car park can be arduous’. We look forward to seeing the new access being created and providing safety improvements at the access along with and peace of mind for all users of Corhampton Golf Club.