Hardmoor Sports Ground, Eastleigh

This scheme comprised the redevelopment and regeneration of Hardmoor Sports Ground to provide an expansion to the existing archery facilities as well as providing new cricket facilities that have been relocated from Doncaster Farm because of the wider North Stoneham Park development.

The Brief

Paul Basham Associates were tasked with undertaking the transport planning works which involved early engagement with the project team to help inform the access design and the internal layout, before providing a Transport Statement to support an application.

Our Approach

A site visit was undertaken to identify the opportunities and constraints associated with the site from the outset which helped to inform the required access design. This, coupled with our extensive knowledge of the wider North Stoneham Park development and the history of the adjacent Trojans Sports Ground, ensured that we were well placed to assist with the delivery of the scheme.

At the pre-application stage, discussions with both Test Valley highway officers and Highways England resulted in the requirement for a Transport Statement to be submitted to support an application, given the location of the site on the local road network and in relation to Junction 5 of the M27.

The Transport Statement therefore detailed both the site-specific planning history and that in relation to Monks Brook and North Stoneham Park.  A comprehensive assessment of the internal layout was also undertaken which included a detailed review of the parking standards and road geometries to ensure servicing vehicles could safely serve the site.

The crux of the report assessed the likely traffic impact assessment of the proposals in relation to the existing site and those traffic movements already included within the wider junction capacity assessments undertaken as part of the North Stoneham Park development. A successful argument was put forward that demonstrated the new trips had previously been accounted for, and whilst the distribution would be slightly altered, there would be no material impact on the local junctions or the M27.

The Result

With permission granted in October 2018, the scheme will provide brand new facilities that we hope will be enjoyed by all who use them. The facilities opened in October 2019.

From our client

EBC appointed Paul Basham Associates (PBA) to provide a transport statement to support a planning application for the redevelopment of Hardmoor Sports ground. PBA assessed the site, engaged with the client and the architectural design team to give appropriate design input, and then provided a comprehensive transport statement, which addressed the queries raised at pre-application stage, and provided the appropriate context of the project within the wider North Stoneham housing programme. They provided the statement to the agreed timescales, which helped ensure no slippage to the programme, and resulted in a successful application.

Harry Lee
SportWorks Project Manager
Eastleigh Borough Council