A40 Transport Improvements 

Oxfordshire County Council announced a bid for £102m as part of the Housing Infrastructure Fund this week which if approved would deliver much needed improvements to the A40 and ease congestion between Witney and Oxford.

The transport improvements will be welcomed by many with congestion being a daily problem for commuters and public transport users travelling along the A40 which has a knock-on effect on businesses and other roads in the surrounding area.  

The bid seeks to focus on three particular areas with the first being the extension of the A40 dual carriageway from Witney to the proposed Eynsham Park and Ride as well as the improvement of cycling facilities. Secondly the bid focuses on the extension of A40 westbound bus lane from West of Duke's Cut Canal and railway bridges to the proposed Eynsham Park and Ride and lastly, the bid focuses on A40 capacity and connectivity improvements at Duke's Cut Canal and Railway Bridges. Oxfordshire County Council is seeking alternative funding for the B4044 Community Path as this had to be removed from the proposals due to the specific criteria of the Housing Infrastructure Fund. The improvements form the second phase of a 2 phase scheme with the first phase including the detailed design of the proposed A40 Eynsham Park & Ride with Bus Lanes scheme (often referred to as A40 Science Transit).  

 With 32,000 vehicles currently using this stretch between Oxford and Witney each day the works above would not only improve existing transport conditions for these vehicles and other road users but also support the sustainable growth of West Oxfordshire for future businesses and developments. 

 We look forward to hearing the outcome of the funding bid which is expected by late summer 2019.

The full article can be found here: http://news.oxfordshire.gov.uk/a40-transport-improvements-oxfordshire-county-council-submits-bid-for-102m-housing-infrastructure-fund/