Beth’s here to Gifford her best shot

We are delighted to announce that Beth Gifford has joined the team as a Senior Civil Engineer in the Oxford office!

Beth had spent 15 years working as an infrastructure engineer before retraining and working as a Secondary school and A level physics and Engineering teacher for 6 years. She has recently relocated from the far southern reaches of Cornwall to Aylesbury to return to work in engineering and is looking forward to the opportunities available at Paul Basham.

Beth is currently completing a part time PhD in research at the university of reading. The research focuses on non-saturated flows through granular media. Beth’s family have stated that she will be a Dr of damp gravel upon completion.  Outside of work and studies Beth is interested in all things outdoor and drags her 14-year-old son on regular foraging trips. Beth is also a keen woodworker and builds acoustic guitars and has interests in astronomy, 3d printing and electronics.