Drivers have the hump for the bump

Whilst it’s long been known that speed humps divide opinion between drivers, a survey by the AA can now shed some light onto the numbers of drivers who have the hump for the bump.

The AA survey (published by the CIHT) sent to 24,070 drivers found that 62% of drivers identified speed humps as their least favourite road feature. This even beat roadworks (59%), generally considered to be universally disliked by all road users, to the top spot.

This confirms the need for more appropriate traffic management to be applied on a site-by-site basis. With alternative options such as elongated raised tables, speed cushions and raised tables, the speed of car drivers can be managed whilst having a reduced impact upon sensitive road users such as cycles, buses, goods vehicles and emergency vehicles that are able to negotiate the features with increased comfort or speed.

With alternative options available, it is perhaps time for the speed hump, aggravating drivers since 1983, to be retired for good.