Electric Car Charging Savings Set Out

According to an influential advisory body, electric vehicle owners who recharge their cars overnight could typically save £70 a month in motoring costs.

The Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce (EVET) was established in 2018 to make proposals to Government and industry that bring together the auto and energy sectors. This is to ensure that the British energy system is able to accelerate the mass up-take of electric vehicles.  

The EVET is now calling on the Government and the wider transport industry to promote the benefits of electric cars and ‘smart charging’ to consumers.  

Results from a recent poll conducted by the AA suggest that many drivers underestimate the potential savings that would be made from switching from a petrol/ diesel vehicle to an electric vehicle. It states the total annual benefit of running an electric car in comparison to a petrol vehicle could exceed £1,000. This includes savings on fuel costs, vehicle excise duty (road tax), servicing, parking and congestion charges.  

The EVET recently set out 21 proposals which support the growth of low emission vehicles. It suggests that a new consumer facing body could be set up within 2 years to promote the benefits of smart charging, with Government funding and a publicity campaign to help inform users of electric cars.  

Philip, the chair of Taskforce stated, “Ensuring that the mass roll-out of electric vehicles delivers benefits for drivers and the wider energy system required action.” However, he did not prescribe any particular method of charging your electric vehicle, be it at home or at public charging stations.  

One of the 21 proposals are a call for the electric vehicle sector to agree on a set of common standards for charging infrastructure by 2025, to ensure inter-operability. Additionally, operators of all public charging points are urged to make data openly available on the location, type, status, capacity, price and availability of chargers by next year.