Motorway Speed Limit Change

Last week Highway England’s research on speeds on Motorways during road works was released, which outlined motorists felt more comfortable driving at higher speeds than the current 50mph limit, with tests demonstrating lower heart rates for motorists travelling at 55mph and 60mph than 50mph.

An increased speed should also provide motorists with enough time to pull away from merging lorries and should also avoid tail-gating from lorries who are often reluctant to slow down to the 50mph. A higher speed limit also improves traffic flow and congestion through road works.

Average speed cameras on Motorways will be tweaked for a new 60mph limit, although the changes are not expected to come into effect until next year. The 60mph limit will not be seen everywhere however, as areas with narrow lanes, contraflows or workers close to the highway will continue with the 50mph. The RAC and AA have both supported the proposals with the prospect of improving traffic flow and safety, although unions remain concerned for workers safety.

At Paul Basham Associates Southampton we just hope these new limits are in place prior to the SMART Motorway works beginning on the M27.