Paul Basham Associates Rock Poole!

As usual it has been a busy few months for Paul Basham Associates – particularly in Poole where we have received several consents in the last six months and are currently working towards similar results for a number of other sites in the borough.

Last month consent was granted for the redevelopment of an under used care home on Tower Road into a 12 new apartments.  With space at a premium on site, Paul Basham Associates demonstrated that the use of a vehicle lift to access the basement car park would be a viable option and that servicing and access for the site could be retained without having an adverse impact on the highway.

At the end of last year Paul Basham Associates also assisted in the granting of consent for a development of 11 commercial units totalling 8,230m2 at Yarrow Road.  To secure this consent we successfully demonstrated through experience at similar sites that the proposed level of parking at the site was suitable and would not result in any off-site parking on surrounding roads (more information can be found on our Yarrow Road case study).

Paul Basham Associates also played a crucial role in securing permission for an iconic new hotel complex at Salterns Marina which will include a 60-bed hotel, 73 apartments, restaurants, officers and marina facilities.  Having already secured agreement with the local highway authority PBA also provided representations at the Planning Committee to confirm to Members that this development would not have an adverse impact on the local highway (more information can be found on our Salterns Marina case study).

Last year consent was granted for a car free development of 6 apartments and a commercial unit on the Black and White Cars site on Commercial Road.  Paul Basham Associates successfully argued that the accessibility of the site was such that the development could be car free without having an adverse impact on Commercial Road or the surrounding area.

In addition to the above we are currently working on a number of exciting schemes within the Borough of Poole including the regeneration of Poole Park (on behalf of the Borough), the development of brownfield and infill sites for between 60 and 100 new homes, a retirement scheme for 22 units and the redevelopment of other hotel sites. 

We are therefore very much looking forward to continuing our recent success in the area and, if you have a site in the Borough, you know where to come for your highways advice!