Success 4 Paul Basham Associates

Paul Basham Associates’ longstanding client McCarthy & Stone have recently enjoyed a number of planning successes across the Midlands. Schemes in Stapleford, Edgbaston, Newmarket and Didcot have all been granted planning permission in the last few weeks, with several more in the pipeline.

Paul Basham Associates involvement from an early stage helped to overcome a variety of highways related challenges at each of these sites. Negotiations with the highway authority ensured that a suitable refuse collection strategy was put in place for the Stapleford scheme, whilst in Edgbaston tracking analysis confirmed the suitability of the internal layout for kitchen deliveries.

Suffolk County Council initially raised concerns over the proposed level of parking at the Newmarket site, but through the production of two Technical Notes, Paul Basham Associates successfully justified the number of spaces provided by the scheme. This involved a critique of the local parking standards and comparisons of the Newmarket scheme to other McCarthy & Stone developments.

Finally, we supported the application in Didcot, which forms parts of a wider redevelopment known as Great Western Park. Connecting the scheme to the wider infrastructure improvements brought its own challenges but PBA successfully liaised with the project team and other consultants to achieve a satisfactory result. We look forward to many more successful McCarthy & Stone schemes across the country coming forward in the near future.