SuDS Government Review

A government review published in August examining the take-up of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) found that developers are generally very good at implementing SuDS in their designs during the planning application process. The report found however that there is a lot of uncertainty regarding maintenance regimes, management arrangements, and that the construction implementation of SuDS is generally not well monitored.

Two new services that we provide in the Civil Engineering team here at Paul Basham Associates include the production of SuDS Management and Maintenance Plans and the undertaking of SuDS Verification Reports in accordance with the CIRIA SuDS Manual C753. These services are aimed at providing clarity on maintenance arrangements, certainty that the SuDS design is being built appropriately and generally supporting the drainage design packages that we undertake for clients. Ultimately these will aid developers in addressing the above shortfalls identified in the government review.

If you are interested in commissioning us for SuDS related work, including Maintenance and Management Plans or Verification Reports, please contact us.

The full government report can be found here: (