Sustainability appraisals, NMUs and WCHAR’s

Here at Paul Basham Associates we have taken advantage of the recent sunny weather by completing sustainability appraisals, NMUs and WCHARs for our sites, as necessary.

Sustainability is always a hot topic, lying at the heart of the planning process, and is a key consideration by LPA’s in the production of Local Plans. There are a variety of methods in which sustainability is assessed and these can include a number of acronyms such as Non-Motorised User audits (NMUs) or Walking, Cycling and Horse-Riding Assessment and Reviews (WHACRs). We have a wealth of experience in completing full site sustainability appraisals which usually including a review of existing Public Rights of Ways (PROW), routes to bus stops and train stations and for residential development routes to catchment primary and secondary schools along with local facilities and services.

As part of our reviews we also consider any potentially improvements or upgrades which could make routes more attractive and we have the inhouse civil engineering expertise to assist with preparing the full design and technical drawings for potential upgrades. We also have experience of liaising with local bus operators to understand if there are any proposed changes to routes or timetable frequency which can help encourage the use of public transport.

If your site is in need of a sustainability appraisal please get in touch with a member of the team today!