South Parade, Portsmouth

A site that once hosted the likes of The Beatles, Rolling Stones and The Who can now prove a hit with a generation that will look back to those days with fondness, following a successful appeal by McCarthy Stone.

The Brief

Mixed use schemes involving elderly residents and articulated vehicle servicing needs for retail units always require careful design and planning, and this city centre was no exception.  We therefore quickly undertook a site visit to appreciate the site location and understand the operation of the existing local highway network.

Our Approach

First, Paul Basham Associates discussions with Portsmouth City Council regarding the site were aided by the production of a Pre-Application Highways Technical Note, which included details on the required servicing and offsite improvements, traffic impact and parking.

Parking proved to be a difficult topic, and the Transport Assessment provided as much detail as possible to aid the local authority’s understanding of the specifics of McCarthy Stone developments. In addition, a Travel Plan was produced by our team to give specific measures to both the retirement apartment and the retail aspects of the site, in order to provide as many sustainable options as possible to residents, staff and visitors.

It was also identified that off-site highway works were required to enable efficient servicing of the retail aspect of the site without impact on the busy South Parade along Southsea’s seafront. This was to be provided in the form of a servicing layby and improved pedestrian environment.  

The Result

The site proved to be locally contentious amongst residents, however the retirement apartments and retail store were approved at appeal after it was agreed that the site would offer an overriding benefit for the local area.

With offices nearby and many staff living in the local area, we frequently visit the area and are always pleased seeing the final product with the convenience store being well used by locals.