Romsey Rapids, Romsey

Paul Basham Associates provided Transport Planning and Civil Engineering support for the construction of a 100 space Long Stay car park to the rear of Romsey Rapids, which would also function as an overflow car park for the swimming facilities.

The brief

Paul Basham Associates were approached to design and support a Long Stay car park behind the Romsey Rapids to allow an existing long stay facility in the town centre to be reallocated as short stay, allowing easier access for shoppers. Our team were tasked with both the car park design appraisal as well as junction modelling to demonstrate that the existing Romsey Rapids access onto the A27 operated within capacity.

Our approach

We worked with this local authority client to achieve a speedy and cost-effective solution. Due to the nature of the proposals, we agreed the scope of the works at the pre-application stage with highway officers at Test Valley Borough Council. With a design already penned by the architects, Paul Basham Associates provided an appraisal of the design.

Our team modelled the site access junction over a range of distribution scenarios to provide a robust assessment of the site access junction’s performance. Similarly, the modelling exercise was based on the assumption that all 100 vehicles arrived and departed in the AM and PM peak periods respectively, to demonstrate the suitability of the proposals through a worst case scenario.

The result

Full planning permission was granted in 2014, and we recently visited the leisure centre to see that the car park was well used.