Trajan House, Mill Street, Oxford

Paul Basham Associates helped to secure a change of use for this prominent site in Oxford to allow flexibility for the owners of the building.  

The Brief

Paul Basham Associates were tasked with supporting an application for a change of use to include B1 business as well as the existing D1 education use. This presented challenges in ensuring that car and cycle parking provision was suitable for both uses.  

Our Approach

The approach involved an assessment of the accessibility of the site, the proximity of local amenities and facilities as well as the sustainable transport options available. The level of parking provision on site was significantly below that set out in local parking standards, but given the site’s highly accessible location, a reduced level of provision was agreed to be acceptable. At the same time, significantly more cycle parking than that required by local standards was provided to encourage sustainable travel behaviour.   

The Result

The site was granted planning permission by Oxford City Council and the team subsequently worked with the client to discharge relevant conditions.